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I help high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and UHNWI overcome the non-financial challenges of success and reach their true apogee in life and business.


DJ Nixon, the Apogee Influencer™, is a visionary investor, Growth Partner, and High-Performance Advisor with over two decades of entrepreneurial experience.

As the Founder of Profitable Empires™ and Apogee Influence™, he specializes in empowering clients to establish authoritative brands, enhance profitability, and conquer the non-financial challenges of success.

Notably, DJ has leveraged his expertise to generate multimillion-dollar results for his clients and has a deep-rooted passion for investments and private equity opportunities.

He’s also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Intercultural Voices™ and Plant Balanced®. DJ’s unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life sets him apart. His tumultuous upbringing and global experiences, including a career as a published food critic, have equipped him with priceless insights.

Today, he helps others expand their perspectives, elevate performance, and reach their true apogee in life and business.

His mission revolves around People, Perspective, and Purpose. DJ is passionate about representation, access, and impact, which form the core of everything he does.

Through his Apogee Inspire™ initiatives, DJ is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, personal development, and wellness among underserved and socially disadvantaged communities.



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Apogee Influencer

Apogee Inner Circle

The First Intercultural Mastermind for HNW and UHNWI – a transformative community of relatable high achievers, uniting diverse perspectives to elevate growth, impact, and holistic success.


A bespoke, private strategy and conscious wellness intensive exclusively designed to elevate your holistic success.


A personalized strategic event for conscious advising and visionary planning tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Trusted Confidante

By Application Only.
VIP 1-on-1 exclusive advisory to help you reach your apogee in business and every aspect of life.

Apogee Inspire

Empowering underrepresented minorities through coaching scholarships and impactful collaboration initiatives.